The 449 Plan

The 449 Plan
We have developed a plan that we refer to as “The 449 Plan.” This plan is the cornerstone of what we do and how we do what we do. In short, we based our plan on the “Culture of Caring” concept that has established our treatment center. It is summarized by the following vision statement which has guided the Board of Directors to establish this Center. “We will open our eyes to see those that are discarded, open our hearts to feel the pain some want to hide and reach out our arms to let them know that they are not alone. In doing this we hope to change a life, one choice and one day at a time, and in the in the process, heal ourselves.” This statement also outlines the plan itself. The statement is broken into 7 parts. Likewise, the “449 Plan” is broken into 7 achievements as well. We believe in reaching these achievements to experience real recovery.

Tell Your Story:

Tell us what happened, all the details, who you are, where have you been and how you feel?

Face the Facts:

Be honest with yourself and begin the process of transformation by facing reality.

Get to Work:

Follow direction, start writing and push yourself to start facing your fears.

Tell the Truth:

Tell on yourself, hold yourself and others accountable. Stop people pleasing and trying to make everyone else like you.

Follow Through:

Finish strong; become more consistent in your spoken word and behavior. Complete your work and start to role model positive behaviors, start earning more freedom and following through on responsibilities.

Starting Over:

How we encourage them to launch either back into their lives or on to new horizons. Setting up a support system and a lower level of care. Goal setting, planning and accomplishment of those goals.

Giving Back:

Taking the time to give back to others by sharing, loving, caring and helping others in need.