Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery
Having an addiction is like having a monkey on your back. You know the monkey is there and the monkey consistently taps you on the shoulder in an effort to get you do one thing or another. It’s a burden. It’s a pain. It’s hard to shake. It’s an addiction.
Some of us may know what happened in our lives that lead us to the road that we are on. Others may stand up with their hands stretched far into the air and wonder “why me?” The reason is not as important as it is to face the fact that you have an addiction. Surrender and acceptance are the first step to addiction recovery.Most addicts have a choice. They know their addicted well before they get to their bottom. The choice that they face is whether or not to admit that they have a problem and to seek help. Only the addict can admit that they need help. While performing an intervention on a friend or loved one can be very helpful in this process, the truth of the matter is that the addict must be the one to admit that they need help and must get to a place where they are willing to accept help.
The family aspect of the program offered at 449 Recovery is different than most of the programs that are offered by your average recovery centers. Throughout our program we take the time to focus on the individual family member as well as the family as a unit. Our group programs are designed to educate the family about issues such as “enabling” and “dishonesty.” We show the family members not only how to spot the signs and symptoms of addiction, but also how to deal with them in their own lives, what their role has been and what it should be moving forward to support a “recovered family”. We believe that it’s not just the addict that needs to be put back together in order to begin a lasting and successful recovery from addiction. We also believe that the family needs to go through their own process of recovery.
This can often come in very small windows of opportunity. An addict will only accept the fact that they need help when the pain of changing becomes less than the pain of remaining the same. There is no real short cut to this process.
At 449 Recovery we take the addiction recovery very seriously. We developed our proprietary 449 Plan to work in conjunction with the 12-step recovery process . With our client, we have attacked the concept of addiction recovery head on. We believe teaching an addict to t find a balance in the relationships that he or she has destroyed. Part of the reconciliation process and healing must include the relationships that have been destroyed.

If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction and are in our need of a recovery program, please contact us today. Our addiction recovery specialists are on hand to walk you through the program. Our outpatient addiction recovery solutions are designed to help any alcoholic or drug addict to obtain a clear path to recovery.