Alcoholism & Teens

Alcoholism and Teens
It is no secret that today’s world is filled with ever-increasing dangers and challenges, and this is particularly true when it comes to our children. Over the course of a few decades, the drug and alcohol problems face by today’s youth have become staggering. A consistent glorification of the lifestyles by those dealing with addiction and alcoholism every day leads many to the false belief that the repercussions of such behavior and such a life are of little to no consequence. Or, in some cases, they just believe that these repercussions will never happen to them at all. Only after serious consequences have been faced does the reality sink in, and for some, by then it is too late.

Just how likely is it that my teenagers are at risk for drug and alcohol addiction?

Statistically speaking, your children either have experimented with drugs and/or alcohol themselves, or have a friend who has. For most parents, this is a very uncomfortable realization, but the willingness of a family member or friend who recognizes what this statistic truly means is an important beginning towards recovery, and especially for teens. All it takes to get from experimenter to full-blow addict or alcoholic is the frequency of these “experiments”.

At one point does experimenting with alcohol and drugs become addiction?

A minor who drinks every day before, after, and during school is no longer an experimenter–they are an alcoholic. Particularly with alcoholism, teens require a consistent and reliable means by which to get their drink. Oddly, it is often far easier for our youth to get illegal drugs than it is to get age-legal alcohol. This takes a surprising amount of dedication to one’s disease to undertake such a massive effort.

Why are some teens more likely to reach for alcohol then drugs for those teens battling addiction?

If alcohol is literally and figuratively the poison they have picked, then they are probably under the delusion that their addiction is somehow not as bad as others using “real drugs”.

Why would an addict think that abusing drugs are bad but alcohol would be ok?

This is a delusion brought on by the disease of alcoholism. It has nothing to do with the character or integrity of the person–it is a lie that they have come to believe for themselves. It is extremely hard–if not impossible–to determine when the lines of “experimentation” or “abuse” are crossed. And, more often than not, the person who has crossed that line will not believe that they have, in fact, crossed that line. If they do happen to recognize that they have crossed it, they most likely believe that they are able to stop without outside help. But this can be a dangerous, even deadly, presumption.

I am a teenager and I think I may have an alcohol problem/I am the parent of a teenager who I think has a problem-what do I do?

if you are a loved one of a teen, or teen who thinks they might be having some problems as a result of drinking, then you are taking the appropriate steps by reading this. At 449 Recovery, we have decades of experience dealing with the unique problems brought by alcoholism teens face today. We have helped teens grow into sober, productive members of society for years after they have completed treatment. Contact us today and discover a new life for you or your loved one.

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