Alcoholism Rehab

Alcoholism Rehab
Let’s face it: no one truly wants to go to rehab. We may want to go because it is our only chance to live a happy and effective life, but if we had the option to just stop on our own accord, it’s a good bet that 449 Recovery would not be here–nor any alcoholism rehab program, for that matter.

How difficult are alcoholism rehab programs?

We have never been fans of dancing around an unpleasant topic. Alcoholism rehab is rough. There just is not a simple way around it. It is rough and most of the time, it is quite ugly. Whether it be the physical aspects of detox, some really awkward moments in group therapy, or simply dealing with actual emotions now that they are no longer numbed from booze, discomfort will inherently be part of the process. Anyone telling you otherwise is not telling you the truth. There are no easy escapes.

After my initial alcoholism rehab is complete, am I done?

No, in fact you are just getting started. 449 Recovery helps the alcoholic through this first period when treatment has the greatest impact. Alcoholism rehab programs for aftercare help–and we offer an exceptional aftercare program, at that–but those first formative days, weeks, months…those are the real make-or-break moments. If you or your loved one can acquire the necessary tools to deal with those inevitabilities, their chances for long-term sobriety skyrocket. But acquiring those tools is just a step.

How can 449recovery’s program for alcohol addiction help me once I am back in the real world?

449Recovery will teach and more importantly, utilize the tools you will need to use for a successful long term sobriety program . Often times, people new in recovery will be approached by those with long-term sobriety and the uncomfortable question comes up: “How much time you got?” With a few months to a couple of days, the newcomer is usually offended after the old-timer reveals that they have decades of sobriety under their belt and yet tells them, “Six days/weeks/months? That’s huge!”

How willl 449recovery’s program for Alcohol Rehab help me once I a have finished the program and once again having day to dat interaction with the outside world?

A good question and one in which we are truly glad is asked. This is one of many situations that makes alcoholism rehab a truly valuable experience to the newly-recovering alcoholic. It is a safe environment in which the alcoholic can face and deal with far more unpleasant interactions and develop those tools for living a sober life once they leave treatment.

In a nutshell, how can we summarize 449Recovery’s program for Alcohol Rehabilitation?

At 449 Recovery, we provide an alcoholism rehab program to help those new in recovery find life solutions outside of the bottle. More importantly, those solutions are designed specifically to help the alcoholic get through everyday life as a happy, successful, and productive member of society in the real world. /p>

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