California Drug Rehab

California Drug Rehab
California is known throughout the world as a premiere location for alcoholism and addiction recovery. Particularly in Southern California, the area is known for people with long-term sobriety and clean time, an enthusiastic, vibrant support community, and a celebratory nature that cannot be found elsewhere. As a result, our successful California drug rehab has survived amongst a sea of competitors.

What separates 449Recovery from other competitors in the field of drug and alcohol recovery?

Competition means that we have to provide something that no other treatment center can offer. At 449 Recovery, we have decades of experience working in the field with addicts and alcoholics. As long-time California residents and with solid foundations and relationships throughout California’s recovery circles, we are poised to provide recovery services that are a caliber of their own.

What does 449Recovery provide that others dont?

We provide our clients with both innovative and effective programs that stay true to the conventional 12-Step recovery model while simultaneously introducing proven concepts found through a variety of other means as well. We have seen what happens when addicts and alcoholics cycle through the revolving door of some recovery programs, and we want something better. Different people require different approaches in starting their recovery, which is part of the reason we also offer an optional Faith-based rehab program.

What is the philosophy behind 449Recovery?

Our philosophy is that a happy, fulfilling, and clean life should be available to all people. It is a founding principle upon which our program is established. Our model allows us to provide top-quality treatment at considerably less expense than other programs. Due in part to our beautiful location, we offer our clients a fantastic environment to develop into the people they always had the potential to be, but were held back by their addictions. With rigorous and diverse therapy methods, 449 Recovery offers a unique set of tools to the addict who believes they have seen and done all that the recovery experience has to offer. But when the time comes in which that individual has completed our program, invariably they walk away realizing that what they thought was an in-depth knowledge of recovery was actually hardly a scratch of the surface.

Is California the best location for a drug rehab center?

Drug culture has always been associated with California on some level. From the hippies on Haight – Ashbury, to the cocaine-fueled antics of rockstars and celebrities, or the stunning number of medical marijuana dispensaries across the state, California is practically synonymous with drugs. At 449 Recovery, our mission is to be synonymous with California and drugs, but for entirely different reasons in that we are bringing hope to those who have none.

Does 449Recovery have the knowledge and experience to treat my specific substance abuse problem?

At 449 Recovery, we offer various services and programs, ranging from 30 to 90 day treatment, therapy, aftercare, detox, and more. Whatever your needs for a California Drug Rehab happen to be, we have the solutions necessary to meet those needs. We have a staff solely and completely dedicated to helping you live a life without drugs and the tools by which to lead a happy and successful life. Give us a call and begin your own journey of recovery today!

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