Opiate Addiction

Opiate Addiction
Recovery from prescription opiate addiction provides its own unique and growing set of challenges.

Arent prescription pills safer the street drugs?

A rapidly growing problem already reaching endemic levels, prescription opiate addiction carries a false sense of security to those who abuse them–namely that people assume they are safer because they come from a pharmacy and doctors prescribe them.

Can people overdose on prescription opiates?

Yes, it is actually quite common for opiate addicts to simply take whatever is available, without knowledge of what exactly they are taking or in what amount. The dangers associated with this sort of behavior often prove to be of the fatal variety.

Are there differences in punishment for people illegally possesing opiates versus street drugs like heroin or crack?

Legally speaking, these drugs often carry the same consequences as better-known street drugs for possession and distribution, such as crystal meth or heroine, when the person is without a valid prescription

Does Opiate Addiction get treates like alcohol or other types of addiction?

At 449 Recovery, we have years of experience dealing with the complexities involved in prescription opiate addiction. Regardless of what the effects of a given drug happen to be, we have created a system that is optimally suited to combat this rapidly emerging threat. Our cutting-edge recovery models are designed to provide those suffering from prescription opiate addiction a treatment program and regimen that is best suited to the individual’s needs, rather than a blanket approach that is all-too common in most drug rehab centers.

Is 449Recovery up to date and current on the newer drugs of choice and methods of treatment?

By taking a more hands-on and personalized approach to our treatment programs, we help not only the addict currently in treatment, but also those that follow. Keeping current on new and emerging drugs allows us to have the most accurate information to date on what usually proves to be a flood of new addicts arriving in our treatment center. The longer we accumulate various accounts of different drugs, the better prepared we become to address the needs of subsequent addicts that follow.

Is Prescription Opiate addiction only a problem for those in upper and middle classes?

Prescription opiate addiction is a deceptively insidious disease. There is no definitive stereotype that can help push addicts towards recovery because the backgrounds of the addicts and the specific types of drugs they use is so diverse. We see high school and college students becoming addicted to stimulant prescription pills, such as Ritalin or Adderall, in an effort to help them study for their next exam; to the stay-at-home wives and husbands trying to cope with the stresses of everyday living by abusing Xanax or Klonopin; to the drug addicts more associated with traditional stereotypes of drug addiction, using Vicodin or Oxycontin to get their next fix or stave off dope-sickness. All of these different kinds of people suffer from the same debilitating disease, regardless of how their individual backgrounds and circumstances look.

Is Opiate Addiction common for those seeking treatment at 449Recovery?

449 Recovery sees cases of opiate addiction like this and many others on a daily basis, and helps those suffering from the malady to reclaim their lives. Call our loving staff today and seek the help you or your loved one needs for a better life!

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