Pain pill addiction

Pain Pill Addiction
It is a sad truth that today, prescription medicine addiction–particularly pain pill addiction–has already reached endemic levels. Years ago, the numbers we hear today associated with pain pill addiction would have been written off as alarmist or completely fabricated, but we are seeing an ever-increasing rise in the abuse and addiction to these medicines. At 449 Recovery, we are on the front lines of this battle. We see what it can do and has done to our patients and their families.

Is Pain Pill addiction less serious then street drugs due to the ability to get these medicines legally from a doctor as opposed to a guy on the street?

Nothing could not be further from the truth. The actual facts paint a picture far more grim. Pain pill addiction alone is beginning to lead the way in overdoses across varying demographics. If anything, prescription drugs can be more dangerous than certain street drugs for this very reason–people refuse to take the threat seriously.

I have heard that pain pills are as addictive and very similar to heroin. Is this true?

Pain pills generally have the same effects (to a greater or lesser degree) as heroin, and carry many if not all of the same effects. In fact, heroin itself was designed to help relieve addiction to morphine during the Civil War for veterans suffering horrific injuries in battle who would become addicted to the drug when trying to combat the pain from their injuries. Since then, other substances have been developed in a vain attempt at finding a “cure” to heroin and opiate addiction.

But if my Doctor is prescribing me these medications, doesn’t it mean they are safe?

In our society, we believe that if a medicine comes from the doctor, it is inherently safe. Of course, when taken as prescribed, by the person to whom it is prescribed and in the appropriate dosage, this is often true. It is when people who are not prescribed the meds taking them that the dangers increase many times over. With pain pill addiction, the drug supplier is now often within the home instead of off the street corner. To make the matter more tragic, a lot of the time people get these drugs from friends or loved ones who need them for their own legitimate use. It is an all-too-common story when a person comes in after having raided a parent’s or grandparent’s medicine cabinet. It is for this reason 449Recovery expects the number for those seeking treatment for pain pill and opiate addiction to rise.

Does the law treat prescription pain pills the same way they treat heroin and other illegal narcotics?

Without a prescription for the medication, it has the same legal consequences as other street drugs and comes with the same withdrawal symptoms. An addict is an addict, is an addict. The substance itself makes little difference. It is but a symptom.

What can I do to get more information or help for myself or someone I know who has a problem with pain pill addiction and opiate addiction?

If you or someone you know is suffering from the effects of pain pill addiction or other prescription medicine addiction, please contact us today and reclaim life!

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