The 449 Executive Staff

Executives Staff
449’s executive team possesses significant industry experience and continues to make the necessary investments to fuel the Company’s continued growth. Executive has a proven track record of identifying opportunities, implementing marketing solutions, and developing the staff and infrastructure that are necessary to grow the business profitably.
Key members of the management team include:
Rodney Robinson , M.A. President/CEO
Rodney earned his master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Alliant International University. He was employed in the capacity of Group Supervisor in the mental health ward for the State of California Youth Authority for a number of years. He has spent a good portion of his career working with addicted adolescents and their families at the Positive Action Center, located at Chapman Medical Center and as a Clinical Director for Coastal Mountain Youth Academy. Over a 10 year period of time during the 1990’s, he was employed at Focus Health Care, the most successful treatment program in the country at the time. Rodney was a member of the team of clinical intake assessors who contributed to this success by creating one of the highest conversion rates ever seen in that company in terms of getting people into treatment and then obtaining and sustaining long-term sobriety. During his stay at Focus Health Care, he was promoted into the lead administrator role and these efforts resulted in an ownership stake in the company which was eventually sold for $96,000,000.
Recently, Rodney’s contribution as Program Director at Ocean Hills Recovery, a leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Southern California, has produced success rates in long-term sobriety of almost 80% consistently over several years. He also contributed to retaining clients and long term relationships with clients which produced results in revenues that were nearly triple the size of what the company had seen in its existence before Rodney took on his role of Program Director. Rodney’s skills are vast in his ability to direct employees in a positive and self-supporting modality and create an extremely high rate of employee morale in his workplace. His experience in the mental health and substance abuse recovery field covers almost 30 years’ time. His abilities as a therapist in the drug and alcohol treatment field are evident in the vast success rates seen in his clients. His expertise in business has been consistently proven through his contributions to revenue production seen in every company he has worked for and managed. In his private practice, his clients have included several well-known actors, a Hall of Fame Director, Major League Baseball players and National Basketball Association members in the chemically dependent and dual diagnosis populations. He has been the subject of numerous radio, newspaper and television interviews and has had a portion of his life depicted in the feature film When a Man Loves a Woman Rodney has been happily married to his beautiful wife, Susie for over 21 years. They share together a blended family that loves each other dearly which includes 5 children who are very close and loving individuals. They also share 3 happy and beautiful grandchildren. Rodney’s family is of the utmost importance to him.
Catherine Tassone – Chief Financial Officer
As a mother of two I have always worked to provide the best opportunities for my family. I have always found joy in jobs that I have been able to give back. Having a son in recovery I saw a need to help the average family that is battling addiction with their loved one. We created 449 Recovery to do that. By providing an alternative to the conventional treatment model we get to help the families that would normally be overlooked. Our work and my part in it remind me every day that we can make a difference in the world. We at 449 Recovery are committed to doing exactly that.
Alejandro Alva , MD – Medical Director
Vito Tassone – Chief Marketing Officer/Vice President
I have always wanted a career that would satisfy my desire to help people while making the world a better place to live in. Working with a team of highly skilled professionals that have the same passion that I do for recovery is very rewarding. It allows me to work on the front lines of addiction getting people that need help the most a chance at a new life.
Cindy Tassone – Director of Compliance
I am proud to be a Board member at 449, I’ve been part of the this organization from the beginning. I’m very grateful to 449 recovery for giving me the opportunity to give back to those in need.Cindy has 35 years of executive experience in the fields of Information Technology and IT consulting.
Susie Robinson – Director of Operations
I have been the Director of Operations at 449 Recovery for the past two years and I love being the first face new clients see. Making them feel at home and loved is my priority. My five kids and seven grandkids keep me cooking and on my toes when I’m not at work.
Thurman Hines , CATCI Director of Patient Care
Mr. Hines is Certified in relapse prevention counseling, denial management counseling, alcohol treatment counseling as as been a Pastoral studies director, Service director for a major US airline. He has over 10 years experience in all aspects of treatment in management, logistics, counseling, directing, mentoring and spiritual mentoring and is experienced in conflict resolution and mediation.
Personally, Thurman has developed a relationship with his own God which is his number one priority and helping others develop faith in a power greater than themselves, has become his main purpose for living. He has amassed multiple years of recovering from drugs and alcohol and other co-occurring disorders. In doing so, Thurman has found his purpose in life which is to help the still suffering addict and/or alcoholic develop a relationship with a higher power based on faith as a beginning while encouraging growth in this faith through his own personal techniques developed through his expansive education, experience and practices to learn new patterns. Thurman is always researching new ways to teach and develop his strategies for renewing his mind, body and soul and then passing that on to others. He will continue his education in pastoral studies working to accomplish a degree in theology, his passion in his recovered life.
Agostino Tassone – Director of Facility Management
Recovery starts from the moment you walk in the door of the recovery center that you choose. Often times, if you are not immediately comfortable and do not feel safe you will not have a positive experience. At 449 Recovery I have made it my mission to make sure that we provide a safe, healthy and loving environment. I am dedicated to making 449 Recovery a place that a client wants to call home.
Jennifer Reza Sagemuller, IMFT Clinical Director
Jennifer Reza Sagemuller is Marital and Family Therapist that currently works as a bilingual therapist with Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Organization, serving various mental health needs for children and families in the greater Los Angeles Area. Jennifer graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a minor in Spanish Language studies, Magna Cum Laude from California State University, San Marcos. In 2009, Jennifer received her Master’s Degree in Marital and Family Therapy from Alliant International University’s California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP). During her time at Alliant, Jennifer also completed additional studies and attended a cultural immersion program in Mexico City, Mexico, to receive a certificate in Latin American Family Therapy and played an integral part of the creation of Society for Human Diversity on campus. Jennifer’s natural clinical ability, experience and dedication to the field, coupled with her passion for serving underprivileged populations, make her a wonderful asset to any therapeutic team in a variety of settings.