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Crystal Meth Effects
Few drugs can compete with the reviled reputation that crystal methamphetamine has developed, especially in recent years. As one addict put it, “It’s the worst drug there is–it takes everything from you, and you’re always the last to know.” Today, people from all walks of life, from all income brackets, from all educational backgrounds–they all face the same dangers when it comes to crystal meth effects.

What effects does crystal meth have on a person?

Like any drug, the exact effects of crystal meth depend on the person. Some people become myopically focused on certain tasks, while others will be unable to sit still for even the briefest of moments. Users are able to stay up for days or weeks at a time, and most users report having a euphoric feeling after using the drug.

What are some of the negative effects meth can physically have on the body?

Rapid weight loss and malnourishment are common crystal meth effects, leading to the health problems associated with those deficiencies, up to and including loss of eye-sight and fainting spells. A condition known as “meth mouth” is becoming widespread for those who use crystal meth regularly according to many dental professions and those working in corrections. The condition causes the teeth to rot, in some cases costing an addict every tooth they have. In particular, skin lesions on the face and premature aging are just two physical effects of crystal meth use.

What are some of the mental and psychological effects of crystal meth use?

Crystal Meth by nature disrupts sleep patterns. Users can stay awake for days, even weeks which can result in psychotic and unpredictable behavior. Visual and auditory hallucinations to extreme paranoia are all very common in meth addiction. In some cases, users may not ever recover from the effects, suffering permanent brain damage. Studies show that even a single one-time use of meth can take the brain as long as three years to fully recover.

For energy, can meth be used safely on an as needed basis?

Take a moment and reflect on the sizes between the list of “positive” effects compared to the negative effects, and then evaluate the actual content of each paragraph. No list of positives can outweigh the negative consequences brought about by crystal meth effects and the ruin it brings to people’s lives and communities. If you or someone you love is suffering from or showing symptoms of crystal meth effects, contact us today.

Is sniffing crystal meth safer than those who choose to take crystal meth intravenously?

No, no matter how one chooses to use crystal method there are equal dangers. Depending on how the drug is administered, the user faces a high risk of blood-borne diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C in addition to infection, tetanus, and collapsed veins for intravenous drug users. For those who snort the drug, eroding of the cartilage and mucus membranes in the nose and sinuses can cause permanent damage and holes in the septum.

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