Substance Abuse Treatment

Drug & Alcohol Treatment
Choosing a drug treatment program is a very important decision. The drug treatment program that you choose can make all the difference, determining whether you end up in an endless cycle or find a true path to a lasting recovery. We work with adults and children alike. While the addict or alcoholic must be willing to do the work in order to ensure success in recovery, we understand the emotional state of mind that most newcomers to recovery are in and we help them to regain their strength day by day.
At 449 Recovery we specialize in providing programs that are individually tailored for the addict as well as the family. They are healed through a simplistic and realistic approach that we believe must start with an understanding, respect and appreciation for each client, for who they are and where they’ve been. We get to know our clients by providing a safe environment where they feel comfortable letting us in. It is through this learning process that our staff is able to respect each person’s individual characteristics and design a treatment protocol according to their findings which we feel is imperative to a lasting recovery of the whole person. Because 449 Recovery is an outpatient program, patients can receive treatment without taking leave from work or family responsibilities.
Once the addict completes the first hurdle of completing the physical detoxification process, we often see a change in overall outlook and attitude. What once was thought to be impossible suddenly becomes reality, and other perceived impossibilities also come into question. The best part of this change, though, is that it is only the beginning, but to get the rewards, the challenges must first be met.Fortunately, our staff has years of experience in treating alcoholics and addicts, regardless of the severity of their disease. By assisting the alcoholic through the various stages of their recovery, we provide the alcoholic the best chances of success in living with their disease.
There is no “cure” for alcoholism. It is a disease with which the alcoholic learns to live with on a day-by-day basis. Despite the common fear that “life is over”, more often than not we find the opposite to be true—that the alcoholic’s life is just beginning.The heart of our drug and alcohol treatment program lies in our approach. Although there are no “magic solutions” or medications that are designed to be the final answer to any substance abusers addiction, we maintain an approach that treats the individual’s past, their relationships, their self-esteem and their hopes, desires and expectations for the future. We offer a broad range of alcohol and addiction treatment programs designed to fit the individual needs of each person. Our experienced and caring staff will work with the drug or alcohol abuser every step of the way to help them get their life back, become self-supporting and to achieve the life they’ve always wanted. The sky is the limit and we believe strongly that our clients can do anythingthey want to do once they’ve recovered and continue to live their lives with the recovery foundation they receive in our treatment program.