Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drugs Addiction
One of the most common addictions is a result of a dependency upon prescription drugs. 449 Recovery offers a prescription drug rehab program that helps people to overcome an addiction to prescription drugs. By using the 449 plan as a foundation for the recovery process, our patients find the road to sobriety. Prescription drugs can often lead to addiction because a physician prescribes these drugs after a surgery or a specific trauma, giving the individual the perception that taking the drug is harmless. Prescription drug addiction can be deadly and has become very popular in today’s culture, second in popularity to marijuana.
Often times an individual will become dependent upon a prescription drug after a major surgery. The doctor who prescribed the drug to the addict has done so to ease the pain and suffering caused by trauma or surgery. Most addicts, who can often have compulsive personalities, become dependent upon these prescription drugs. As a direct result of the desire to experience the euphoria associated with the drug the behavior increases. Many factors such as stress, mental health, physical ability, social situations, genetics, family concepts and living conditions can also contribute heavily to addiction to prescription drugs. By using the 449 plan, our therapists work directly with the substance abuser as well is the family members of the addict to develop a clear solution and a path to recovery.
At 449 Recovery, our prescription drug rehabilitation program includes everything from a detox solution to a 12-step recovery process. Our therapists also follow a unique collaborative recovery program that is tailored to fit the needs of each individual. Through group therapy programs, individual counseling sessions, psychiatric evaluation and medication management programs and interaction with family members, we work hand and hand with our patients to help them to overcome this addiction to prescription drugs.

If you or a loved one has developed an addiction to a prescription drug then please take a moment to contact us today. Here at 449 Recovery we understand the challenges you’re facing. We understand the difficulty in kicking a habit that seems to have taken control of your life. There is a solution. You are not alone. Contact us today.