Detox Programs
Ask any addict what his or her worst fear about quitting is and almost certainly withdraw will be near the top. As anyone who has gone through it knows it is an ugly ordeal without the proper assistance to help you through it.
The good news is, our detox programs are designed to help our patients safely and comfortably manage the withdrawal associated with ending drug or alcohol addiction. Our detox program is confidential and medically managed. We use a combination of medication withdrawal safety protocols, vitamin supplements, hydration therapy and therapeutic techniques to help our patients manage drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.If you or a loved one has been a long-term user of drugs and alcohol than a detox program is probably a wise step and most likely a necessary step in the beginning stages of the recovery process. The simple fact is that your body is used to taking drugs or consuming alcohol.When you take it upon yourself to stop this abuse the body is going to go through a series of changes,
And your body is going to naturally reject the condition of not having the substances it has come to depend on to function properly.The body will voice this rejection though a variety of symptoms that are extremely uncomfortable and in some cases nearly intolerable without medical assistance. Extremely high blood pressure and pulse rates in addition to grand mal seizures are even common with certain types of substance withdrawal and a lot of people are not even aware of these facts.
The substances you been using have simply been poisoning your system for such a long time you need several days to rest and regain your health. Furthermore, some withdrawals can be so severe that most people are not able to complete the detoxification process on their own without medical help to keep them comfortable. Unfortunately, this prevents so many people from even getting to the point of being able to receive treatment and our experienced medical personnel understand the necessary detoxification treatments and regimes and know what you need to successfully detox so that you can begin treatment feeling well physically. To get well, you’ll need to go through this period of adjustment and we will be with you through the entire process
At 449 Recovery we understand the process you are going to go through physically, emotionally and mentally. We have trained medical personnel on staff and a group of caring volunteers and counselors that are here to help you through the detoxification process.

A Drug & Alcohol Detox Program has several goals. Many of them include:

  • To Eliminate Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
  • To Help Clients Overcome Alcoholism
  • To Improve Overall Health
  • To Show You A Better Way Of Living
  • To Replenish Your Body With Nutrients
  • To Develop Better Coping Skills

Do I really need a detox program?
Many alcoholics, perhaps after a blackout or a bad night of drinking, attempt to stop drinking on their own. The same is true for those involved in a drug addiction. After something seems to go wrong the addict does make an attempt to stop. The attempt rarely succeeds. Without going through a successful detox program, the addict who tries to stop on their own seems to be pulled back into the life that they are trying to avoid. Once your body becomes dependent on the drugs and/or alcohol it is very difficult to stop the physical and emotional cravings and obsessions without help and a solid program that will help you go through the process and nurse you back to a healthy physical state. At 449 Recovery, we pride ourselves in maintaining our patient’s comfort through the detoxification process as we prepare them for the work that lies ahead. We even begin to expose them to recovery principles and education as early as while they are under a detoxification level of care and most of our patients appreciate this as it helps them to help themselves through their detoxification as they begin to feel hopeful that they can live a life full of freedom from the bondage of a physical dependence on drugs and alcohol
Will I suffer from withdrawal?
For the most part, yes. Most people who have been using substances regularly and/or in high quantities for any period of time will go through some type of withdrawal process. The severity of the withdrawal and the risks associated with the withdrawal are dependent on a number of different factors. As a professional detox and addiction center, 449 Recovery’s on staff physician will devise a personal detoxification protocol based on your recent using and health history and that will be intended to minimize the effects of the withdrawal symptoms you would experience and that sometimes even eliminate them altogether. However, depending on your withdrawal, it is sometimes common to experience withdrawal symptoms which will be treated based on your vital signs and feedback about how you are feeling at regular intervals. Some of the things you may experience include:
  • Sweats
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Tremors
  • Anxiety
  • Convulsions/Seizures(in rare cases).

It is our desire to help to manage these symptoms and keep you comfortable so that you may experience a successful detoxification and move forward with your treatment
How long will the detox process take?
The time it takes to complete a successful detox program varies from one person to another. There is no magical solution to getting through a good detox program. There are several factors that determine the length of time that your detox will take. These factors include the intensity and history of your addiction, physical size and weight, the specific drug that has been abused and how long you’ve been using addictively. For the most part, you’ll experience many of the withdrawal symptoms within the first 3 to 7 days of your detox program. For this reason, our medical personnel prefer not to rush you through the detoxification process and move at your pace, based on your feedback about how you are feeling and what symptoms you are experiencing, while providing that extra little push; when you need it. A typical detoxification can last from three to ten days. However, the process of detoxing can sometimes last longer. The length of your detoxification program will take your safety and comfort into consideration first and foremost and you will be treated with the highest level of care.
Detox alone will not cure you
A good detox program, while essential to a smart drug and alcohol recovery treatment plan, is only one step in the process of recovery. After detox, the body is no longer physically dependent on the drink or the drug as it once was. However, the addict or alcoholic will still have the mental compulsion, impulse, obsession or urge to drink or use drugs. This is the very nature of the disease of addiction or alcoholism. In fact, some often describe, after detoxing, that their problem is not the way they feel when they are under the influence of substances, it is the way they feel when they are not under the influence. Successful, long-term recovery from substance abuse requires the combination of a successful detox plan immediately followed by an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program that has at its focus this very idea of creating and sustaining emotional as well as physical sobriety. Then, complete recovery becomes a possibility and all cravings and impulses to drink or drug are infrequent and easily managed or they disappear entirely. In time, this type of recovery plan offers real and sustainable happiness that far outweighs the desire to get to the bottom of a bottle ever again.
To register or enroll in a detox program please contact our offices today. An assessment counselor or therapist is ready to assist you and we welcome your questions!