449 Recovery’s Services
At 449 Recovery we address the problem of drug and alcohol addiction by starting with the addict and the family as a whole. If you or someone that you love suffers from drug addiction or alcoholism you have most likely tried many things. You may have exhausted every possible measure in trying to find help whether it be through making threats to the addict, setting an ultimatum or even your own intervention carried out on your own terms.
If you are suffering from a substance abuse problem you may have tried everything from quitting on your own unsuccessfully, utilizing self-help programs, limiting the amounts you drink or use without success, limiting yourself on the days and/or times you will drink or use, attending 12-step meetings, going through a detoxification facility only to use or drink again afterwards, or even entering into an outpatient program for a short period of time.Whether you are the person struggling to stop using and/or drinking or you are challenged by addiction and substance abuse with a loved one, getting help is the most important thing.
Some of our services include:
We are an outpatient drug and alcohol recovery center. We offer group therapy programs, on-call counselors, family interventions and specialized programs designed to treat the heart of the problem. At 449 Recovery, patients can get the personally specialized treatment and support that they need to not only get on the path to recovery but to maintain a sober lifestyle for the long term.We believe that recovery is not an instant process that can be concluded within 30, 60 or 90 days. We believe that recovery is a lifelong process that begins and ends with the addict/alcoholic’s approach to life and their addiction. Therefore we have custom tailored our small-group programs, detox solutions and outpatient services to meet the needs of a person who is struggling with substances in real-life scenarios

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Through a combination of 12-step recovery, psychiatric evaluation, and uniquely designed clinical treatment planning, our drug and alcohol treatment programs engage the individual in their own personal recovery through our original seven piece program that we refer to as the 449 plan. Our program highlights important sections from the standard 12 step recovery method, often used by other centers and incorporates a dependency on the underlying pathology of the addict/alcoholic, on family, friends and the hopes and desires of the addict/alcoholic to generate an effective recovery program and recipe for a successful and happy sober lifestyle.
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The detoxification program includes everything from light exercise when appropriate, vitamins, and nutritional programs. These components are available to enhance the detoxification process and the health of the newly recovering person while providing a positive introduction to a life free of mind altering drugs. Not every patient that enrolls in the 449 Recovery plan needs a detox. However, for those that do we offer a healthy and comfortable solution to helping our clients through the physical detoxification.
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Group Therapy

Group and individual counseling sessions are integrated into the 449 plan. The groups are comprised of addicts with similar addictions in order to allow each person in the group to relate to and learn from one another’s story, history, feelings and situations. Group therapy is an extremely valuable and necessary part of the recovery program at 449 Recovery.
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Faith Based Rehab

The goal behind our faith-based drug rehabilitation program is to address the emotional, mental and physical needs of those individuals with a spiritual foundation. Our faith-based program is designed from a Christian perspective. While this is an optional piece of our program, our clients enjoy the additional spiritual foundation they are afforded through its uniquely qualified spiritual overview to the process of drug and alcohol recovery.
Our Christian 449 Recovery tract is designed to reach people from all walks of life and help them to get in touch with a Power greater than themselves which is the essential part of any 12-step program. We help clients develop spiritual principles that they typically already have such as faith, hope and courage. We accomplish this through the use of tools such as bible study groups, faith building exercises and examining pre-existing biases toward spiritual principles derived from environmental factors such as their upbringing. Furthermore, new tools and practices for renewing their mind using biblical principles are learned and implemented, and our clients are assisted in developing their own personal relationship with a Higher Power of their own understanding which is a foundational part of a well-rounded recovery.
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Self-Help Rehab

As part of the rehab process, our addiction treatment and recovery Center offers self-assessment and Supplemental therapies. These programs are designed to help our potential clients and/or their loved ones make decisions about rehabilitation and treatment and the appropriate level of care. They are also designed to be a supplement to our outpatient services and after-care program. They are designed to help an addict to stay on course with the programs we develop during treatment.
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Affordable Interventions

449 Recovery specializes in doing interventions for adults and children. These low-cost interventions are designed to help a family and a substance abuser to understand the need for seeking immediate help to deal with the problem. Starting at just $299 these affordable interventions assist substance abusers and families in getting immediate treatment without spending a large sum of money.
The intervention is as much for the family and friends of the alcoholic or addict as it is for the person in need of treatment. It is a declaration by the loved ones that the addict or alcoholic’s life, from that day forward, will begin on a new journey and will begin to change. More importantly, it puts the decision of exactly what that looks like into the hands of the person in need of treatment. It becomes their choice: to continue living in the problem or to start living in the solution.
Although this is a phenomenal opportunity to improve their quality of life, reaching an addict or alcoholic requires a certain approach. Often times, the person in question doesn’t see treatment as an opportunity, but as a judgment and criticism of their choices, or even themselves on a personal level. This is where both personal and professional experience in drug and alcohol addiction becomes invaluable. It is one thing to promise the hope of a better future, yet it is undeniable and something else entirely when that message is delivered from someone who has also lived it.
Interventions can be stressful, emotional, and difficult; but they can also be beautiful. The lives damaged by alcohol and drug addiction can once again begin anew. But, even the longest journey begins with the first step which is accepting there is a problem and, and that first step often requires the use of an intervention. By accepting the help their loved ones are offering with the assistance of a trained professional interventionist, the addict or alcoholic as taken this first step and can now relax and enjoy their journey ahead.
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