Out Patient Rehabilitation

Out Patient Rehabilitation
Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs are extremely beneficial for people who are unable to fully take time out of their lives for an inpatient solution. The ability to receive treatment while maintaining your job and/or family responsibilities can be invaluable. Not everyone can afford the cost of inpatient care and with the rising cost of insurance it is rare to find a solution that is affordable for the average individual. 449 Recovery was founded to bridge this gap between an individual’s need to seek treatment and their ability to pay for the same. The 449 Recovery Center’s program is designed as an outpatient rehab drug and alcohol treatment solution.
Our Goals
Our desire throughout the drug and alcohol treatment process is to break the cycle of addiction and to introduce individuals to the concept of living a clean and sober lifestyle. Our staff evaluates each incoming patient on an individual basis to ensure that an outpatient program is the best solution for them. It is important to note that this is not always the case. There are many occasions in which an inpatient solution is the best remedy for a substance abuser.
Group and individual therapy sessions that work
449 Recovery out-patient program is also cost-effective and includes daily and weekly therapy sessions. Some of the sessions are done in a group environment while others were done on a one on one basis in the privacy of a user’s home or at our facilities in San Clemente California. We believe that outpatient care allows for more freedom for the user than an inpatient facility can offer. At the same time, this requires that the person is more accountable to the program. Our program outlined in the 449 plan is designed to equip our patients with the ability to handle the daily challenges life presents with a new perspective. Each of our patients will benefit from having a new awareness of their inner strength. We take great lengths to prepare them to face the outside world. We equip them with problem-solving skills, communication skills, coping skills and an awareness of their own desires and hopes. We believe that if a recovering addict understands why he or she does something they can very quickly begin to make good decisions and practice healthy reactions as they move through life. It is through our group and individual therapy sessions that we instill these beliefs and strengths into our patients.