Accepting that someone you care about has a problem with drugs or alcohol can be an extremely difficult time. You may feel as if you need some direction from a professional who can help you, who understands addiction, and who knows the most effective ways to go about reaching the alcoholic or addict. Realizing that there is a problem and wanting to take action to solve the problem are two different things. First and foremost you should be applauded for taking the time to realize that you have a friend or a loved one who has a problem. Addicts and alcoholics can be extremely challenging and difficult to approach. If you have been unsuccessful at bringing about change by yourself, you should definitely consider bringing in some professional help.
Most individuals struggling with substance abuse issues will never admit that they have a problem. Instead, they will spend many waking hours trying to convince themselves and the other people in their lives that the problem is not them, it is something or someone else. It is instinctive for them to deflect attention away from their way of life. If they cannot accept and admit that they have a problem with substances or that they need help, where do you go from there? Try thinking of the addict from a new perspective like this: these individuals will typically refuse help when everyone around them is uncomfortable with their self-destructive behaviors. They will only accept help when they are the ones who are uncomfortable. This may take a very long time. This is the reason we strongly encourage professional intervention. You do not have to fight this battle alone and you can still provide the help you desperately want to give to your loved one.
By offering help through an intervention before they realize they need it and before it’s too late, the addict/alcoholic’s loved ones are able to step in to provide opportunity, a firm boundary and of course, love. Usually when it comes to deciding whether or not you need to have an intervention it’s because the family and significant others have had enough. . If you are in this place and have a friend or loved one in mind that has an addiction to drugs or alcohol then the next step may indeed be to make the decision to have an intervention..
The intervention is as much for the family and friends of the alcoholic or addict as it is for the person in need of treatment. It is a declaration by the loved ones that the addict or alcoholic’s life, from that day forward, will begin on a new journey and will begin to change. More importantly, it puts the decision of exactly what that looks like into the hands of the person in need of treatment. It becomes their choice: to continue living in the problem or to start living in the solution.
Although this is a phenomenal opportunity to improve their quality of life, reaching an addict or alcoholic requires a certain approach. Often times, the person in question doesn’t see treatment as an opportunity, but as a judgment and criticism of their choices, or even themselves on a personal level. This is where both personal and professional experience in drug and alcohol addiction becomes invaluable. It is one thing to promise the hope of a better future, yet it is undeniable and something else entirely when that message is delivered from someone who has also lived it.
Interventions can be stressful, emotional, and difficult, but they can also be beautiful. The lives damaged by alcohol and drug addiction can once again begin anew. But, even the longest journey begins with the first step, which, in this case, is accepting there is a problem. This first step often requires the use of an intervention. With the assistance of a trained, professional interventionist, the addict or alcoholic can take this first step by accepting the help their loved ones are offering. Now that they have received the help they needed to take the first step, they can look forward to the journey ahead.
If you ask any recovering alcoholic or drug addict they will tell you that the most loving thing that a family member or friend can do is to help them understand the truth about how their addiction is affecting their relationship and how they are hurting themselves. It’s not always easy, but with the counselors at 449 Recovery by your side you can rest assured that you will have a trained professional there to guide you through each and every point in the process.
Interventions use the power of love and concern to reveal to the addict or alcoholic their patterns of denial, break the cycle of irrationality that comes along with this denial and get him or her into drug or alcohol treatment which is the primary goal for any intervention. We do not consider intervention to be a means of creating an emotional ambush. This would be ineffective when dealing with substance abusers. It is an opportunity to tell the truth and face the truth. Most professional interventionists will convince at least 85% of the addicts that they work with to enter into some kind of a treatment facility. Here at 449 Recovery, we believe strongly in the power of the intervention. Interventions save lives! Intervention may very well be the strongest expression of love a person could provide to a loved one struggling with a substance abuse problem.

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