449 Counselors and Employees

Primary Counselors and Employees
449’s clinical team possesses significant industry experience and continues to make the necessary investments to fuel the Company’s continued growth. Management has a proven track record of identifying opportunities, implementing marketing solutions, and developing the staff and infrastructure that are necessary to grow the business profitably..
Key members of the management team include:
Amanda Hobart, CADCA-Primary Counselor
I earned my certification for substance abuse and relapse prevention in 2009. I have worked in the recovery field with adolescents and adults for 5 years. After getting sober as a teen I feel I can relate well with young people in recovery.
Andrew Maloof , CADCA – Business Development
I am responsible for developing working relationships and networking within the recovery industry. Having a strong passion for recovery and 449, I am an alumni of the program. 449 Recovery helped me save my life and I am honored as well as blessed to have the opportunity to provide the same possibility for other suffering addicts and alcoholics. Watching a client achieve a true passion for life, through a program of recovery, is the greatest gift I can ask for.
Amber Kellogg – Intake Coordinator
As the Intake Coordinator at 449 Recovery I often offer the first welcoming smile. With over a year of sobriety I feel like I can relate to people starting their journey in recovery. Outside of work I try to run the energy out of my kids, spend time with my adoring boyfriend and acquire too much unnecessary pop culture knowledge.
Darin Minasian , CATCI – Primary Counselor
I’ve been a primary counselor at 449 Recovery for the past year. After having over seven years of sobriety I love to help clients change their lives for the better. In my spare time I love fishing, fiddling with my array of e-cigarettes and concocting new flavors of e-cigarette juice.
Errol Smith – Insurance Administrator
I have been working in alcohol and chemical dependency for the past 17 years in various capacities and thus have developed a broad understanding of the treatment field as a whole. I am truly grateful to serve my community and to offer my abilities in support of those seeking a new life in recovery. My passion is sharing the tremendous gifts that my personal recovery has provided me. I love the outdoors and I’m a skier and snowboarder and am certified in scuba and an avid diver as well.
Kendall Hopkins , MFT Trainee – Operations Manager Assistant
As both an Administrative Assistant and Clinician I serve as a jane of all trades around 449 Recovery. In addition to working with clients through their early sobriety I am also pursuing my Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy. Outside of school and work I enjoy good food, outdoor activities and my loyal pup.
Kenneth Hobart , CAADC II – Assistant Clinical Director
I have been working as a certified drug and alcohol counselor for adolescents and adults for over 8 years. I enjoy helping others find their truth and answers within themselves as well as aiding their personal growth in the recovery process. I love to help people learn to love themselves. While not in the field I like to build things, tinker with electronics and spend time with my wife.
Therese Coppi, BS , CATC III – Administrative Assistant
I received my CATC III after graduating the Alcohol and Drug Studies program at Saddleback College and came to 449 Recovery in early 2014 as the Discharge Planner. I am a huge advocate for family therapy and love being a part of the healing that takes place at 449 Recovery. When not working I can usually be found creating some kind of art project, volunteering with my church or handcycling.
Tracey Kane , CATCI – Primary Counselor
After receiving my CATC-I from Saddleback College I joined the team at 449 Recovery a year ago. Having over four years of sobriety I love working with young women and showing them how to value their worth. I love going to the Happiest Place on Earth as frequently as possible and playing with my tiny puppy, Roo.
Gary Hazama – CAADAC II
I have been working in recovery for nineteen years and as a primary counselor here at 449 Recovery since 2014. Watching clients grow and learn is one of my greatest joys. In my quiet time I like to fish, spend time with my two grandchildren and dancing in showcases around Orange County. I love living life today, every minute.
Tyler Whiteing – 449 Tech
George Hillyard – 449 Tech
Jason Ehle
I come to 449 Recovery with a strong IT background and have jumped into the role of Administrative Assistant with the Operations department. I have over two years of sobriety and love being able to provide an example for guys struggling in our program. In my free time I enjoy hiking, going to the beach and snowboarding.
Jeff Thomas – 449 Tech
Mercedes Castillo
I came to 449 Recovery as Insurance Coordinator after spending over 25 years in insurance at Chapman Medical Center. I love the teamwork and compassion shown by my colleagues here. When I’m not at work I love to take care of my grandson and spend time outdoors.
The ongoing operations of 449 Recovery will have the oversight of the above Board of Directors. The Program Director and Patient Director will generally oversee the programs offered at the Center. A salaried staff (with specific positions and job descriptions to be determined) will carry out the daily operations and monitor the delivery of services, the coordination of volunteers, the assistance of patients, and the solicitation of funds and in-kind donations. It is anticipated that, as a minimum, the salaried staff will consist of an Executive Director and a Nursing Director in addition to other part-time positions.
Board of Directors
The current Board of Directors consists of each of the Key management positions as identified above. A more formal board of Directors including that of a formal board is being formed.
Advisory Board
Members of our Advisory Board include:
Jack Felton, M.F.T. Clinical Director Serenity Life Counseling Center
Jack has been in practice for over 25 years as a therapist. He is currently the clinical director of Serenity Life Counseling. His experience ranges from having developed several in-patient addiction programs for drug &alcohol addiction, eating disorders, to sitting on Patrick Carnes’ advisory board for sexual addiction at a Southern California in-patient facility. Jack had been the director for a residential treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction back in the early 90’s. He is most noted though, for his work on religious abuse and addiction and is the author of the best selling “Toxic Faith.” However, if you were to talk to Jack, he would tell you his most exciting work is right now. He sits in an advisory board capacity to Dr. Daniel Amen, the worlds leading expert on Spect Scan Imaging (a nuclear medical approach to brain function). Jack is well suited in supervising the integration of this cutting edge technology into substance abuse.
Holly A. Richards
Holly A. Richards has 35 years of executive experience in the fields of Information Technology and IT consulting. She was a partner with the accounting firm of KPMG and was the Vice President of Application Development for Paciolan (an Orange County based ticketing software company) and the Vice President of IT Process and Compliance for UTi Worldwide (a Long Beach based international 3rd party logistics provider). In addition to her business life, she is actively involved in the non-profit sector and is currently program chair with the South Bay Guild of Working Wardrobes (an Orange County based non-profit) to provide career development and wardrobing services for men, women and youth in life crises.
Robert Barclay
Robert Barclay, Developer and Business owner for thirty-five years, is President of Real Property resources and a sober member of the community for over thirty years. Robert has volunteered on numerous boards, as a result of his passion for recovery. Since His own recovery he has spearheaded a new paradigm in his affluent community and within his own family. His success in business and passion for recovery make him an obvious choice for this position.