Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol Treatment Programs
Our experience and our innovative programs set us apart from many other organizations. We take the process of recovery very seriously. We understand where the normal challenges are and why many people can often fail when it comes to attending an alcohol treatment program. Individuals suffering from an addiction to alcohol often experience challenges with depression, anxiety and a feeling of loss. These feelings can be multiplied when the user is left to their own devices.
Our outpatient alcohol treatment program is designed to bring relationships to the recovery process. Utilizing our group therapy format and weekly counseling sessions, our patients find a sense of relief and an unsurpassed level of understanding within the program. A 12-step recovery method is only one of the tools that we use to develop a strong alcohol treatment program. Combining the principles of the 12-steps with the 449 plan brings a sense of well-being and understanding to the people we treat. In our alcohol treatment program, the first step to recovery is the initial consultation. Then, during the beginning stages of treatment, the client either goes through a detoxification process or directly into a custom program tract. They can also choose to enter into an optional faith-based Christian tract or into our standard tract.
We have qualified substance abuse treatment counselors, therapists and doctors whose experience and exposure to this problem has enabled them to accurately assess the individual in order to design and recommend an individualized and therefore, effective alcohol treatment program. Our staff undergoes a continuing education program to ensure that they are always informed about new recovery programs and treatment solutions. By taking the time to educate our team and remain current on the events of our industry, we can ensure each of our patients the highest level of quality care.
Some of our clients need a 30-day program, while others will be encouraged to enter into a longer-term solution. On average, our programs range from 4 to 12 weeks. Recovery does not happen overnight. However, the first step necessary to begin the recovery process does. Remember, recovery is a process, not an event.
When attending one of the groups offered here at 449 Recovery the addict/alcoholic and even their loved ones and family will receive several benefits.
We work with Adults and Children
Additionally, our alcohol treatment program can be tailored to meet the needs of children as well as adults. This is a rare specialty that many alcohol treatment programs do not possess. We believe in custom tailoring a program that offers specific solutions and treatment concepts that are specific to an individual. When it comes to working with children, the process is similar to that of working with an adult. We have worked with children of all ages and their families and we are happy to meet with them as well as their parents to answer your questions and discuss our recommendations for treatment following an in depth assessment. You no longer need to feel defeated if your child is suffering from alcoholism. There is an answer. You are not alone. Gaining the trust of young people is a difficult task, we excel at this ability.
Fortunately, our staff has years of experience in treating alcoholics, regardless of the severity of their disease. By assisting the alcoholic through the various stages of their recovery, we provide the alcoholic the best chances of success in living with their disease, happily and productively.
There is no “cure” for alcoholism. It is a disease with which the alcoholic learns to live on a day-by-day basis. Despite the common fear that “life is over,” more often than not we find the opposite to be true – that the alcoholic’s life is just beginning.

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcoholism or problem drinking, or if you need help assessing an individual, don’t wait and contact us today. Our alcohol treatment program is designed to help the alcoholic or the problem drinker regardless of age or gender.