Do Interventions Work?

Do Interventions Work?
Most drug addicts are in the business of selling hope. At the core of almost every person struggling with a substance abuse problem you will find evidence of hope that they hold on to for themselves that they may overcome their addictions one day, along with hope for their loved ones that they will not continue to hurt them over and over with their using. However, you will also find them holding on to the hope that they can continue getting high…getting high is the driving factor and the number one priority for most drug addicted individuals. Their lives begin to revolve around the question of how and when they will get high next. Those who are on the outside of this cycle can find this very disturbing and difficult to accept because this person they care about no longer shows any desire to have a role in their family or to excel in their work or any other areas of their lives. Once the individual is addicted they become consumed with the need for more and more and this supersedes everything else in their life. This is one of the phases of addiction when an intervention can be extremely effective. 449 Recovery’s interventionists are experts at steering the family’s intervention process and helping the addict to come to the conclusion that they do want to receive the help that their family is offering.
Addicts are often in denial and do not believe that the problem begins and ends with them. Trying to convince an addict or alcoholic that they have a problem is almost as difficult as threading a needle in the dark and can even seem impossible at times. For example, the addict always wants to blame the police officer that arrests him, the judge that rules against him, the probation officer who sites or violates him, the boss who fired him, or the wife who left him. They often seem incapable of taking responsibility for their own choices, behaviors, decisions and consequences. Why then would they be able to accept responsibility for their addictions on their own without the help of those who love and care for them and without the help of experienced professionals?
A drug intervention is often necessary because most addicts are very good at manipulating and blaming other people and situations for their problems. It is important to realize that a drug intervention can be challenging. The addict may feel as if everyone is ganging up on them. They may express feelings of betrayal and embarrassment. These feelings are all part of the process.
When an intervention is conducted by professionals like ours they can be extremely effective in helping the addict to overcome their denial and feel safe accepting that they are in need of help.
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