Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs
A true dual diagnosis program such as the dual-diagnosis program at 449 makes reference to treating an individual that has co-occurring disorders. Treating both problems, for example, treating a mental health challenge or diagnosis such as depression, bi-polar disorder, PTSD, anxiety disorder, while treating an addiction is the only way to overcome either of them and successfully recover. At 449 Recovery our team of specialists can walk you through the array of difficulties associated with having an addiction as well as a mental illness. Our goal is to treat the entire individual regardless of their circumstances.
To be an effective drug and alcohol recovery center, we believe that treating individuals with dual disorders requires care that goes far beyond the standard level of counseling or medication. Our clients may need more than just a job or housing assistance, they may need individual family counseling, money or even relationship management to be successful in their recovery plan. Individuals suffering from both a mental illness and a substance abuse or addiction problem must be allowed to improve at their own pace. There is not one specific plan outline for every individual who has a dual diagnosis. We take the responsibility of working with an individual who has a diagnosed mental illness as well as a substance abuse problem very seriously. In many cases, the substance abuse is triggered by the results impacted from the mental illness. The individual facing the challenge of a co-occurring disorder often self-medicates to feel better, our team understands.
Our programs target both the underlying chemical and psychological issues associated with the patient as well as the addiction itself.
If you or loved one is facing a substance abuse challenge and have received or suspect a diagnosis associated with mental illness then a 449 Recovery program is right for you. Our psychiatric team and our team of therapists and counselors have years of experience in working with individuals with co-occurring disorders in a substance abuse treatment setting and have enjoyed a vast number of successful recoveries. They are some of the best professionals in this field. Contact us today for a free evaluation and consultation.