Faith Based Rehab

Faith Based Rehab
449 Recovery is excited to offer a Christ centered program. The purpose of this program is to celebrate God’s healing power in our lives through the 449 plan as well as the standard 12-step program. Simply put, our faith-based rehabilitation program is centered on a belief in Jesus Christ.
Our Christian tract is designed to reach people from all walks of life and help them to get in touch with a Power greater than themselves which is the essential part of any 12-step program. We help clients increase spiritual principles that they typically already have such as faith, hope and courage by use of tools such as bible study groups, faith building exercises, and examining pre-existing biases toward spiritual principles resulting from one’s upbringing, tools and practices for renewing their mind using biblical principles, and helping them maintain and nourish a relationship with a Higher Power of their own understanding which is a foundational part of a well-rounded recovery.
The family aspect of the program offered at 449 Recovery is different than most of the programs that are offered by your average recovery centers. Throughout our program we take the time to focus on the individual family member as well as the family as a unit. Our group programs are designed to educate the family about issues such as “enabling” and “dishonesty.” We show the family members not only how to spot the signs and symptoms of addiction, but also how to deal with them in their own lives, what their role has been and what it should be moving forward to support a “recovered family”. We believe that it’s not just the addict that needs to be put back together in order to begin a lasting and successful recovery from addiction. We also believe that the family needs to go through their own process of recovery.
The key components of our faith-based program are as follows:
  • Open Share Groups
  • Step Studies and 12-Step Support Meetings
  • Sponsors and accountability partners,
  • Individual weekly meeting with leaders
  • Individual weekly meetings with case manager
  • Reading the Celebrate Recovery Bible
  • Working in the Celebrate Recovery Participant Guides
Within this Christian tract we believe that prayer is a key component to making sure that the addict realizes that any change needs to start with a relationship with Jesus Christ.

If you’re interested in joining our Christian substance abuse recovery program here at 449 Recovery, please take a moment to fill out a contact form or call us at the phone number on our site. We are more than happy to explain the benefits of a Christ centered program.