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We have a mission & an Opportunity – “Why Are We Here?”

We are here to change the old industry standard which has only worked to force clients to repeat treatment continually without success. We are here to declare a peace on the addict/alcoholic because we have definitely lost the war on drugs. Cancer patients aren’t discharged if the cancer returns, why then, since the AMA has defined alcohol and drug addiction as a disease, does our industry have so many different ideas, which waver back and forth between disease and will-power, on how to successfully treat addiction and recovery?
Because our industry has been afraid to share information or their recipes for fear of someone stealing their franchise, addicts and alcoholics are left suffering, dying or creating more wreckage. This can also be attributed to the established high cost of programs and how they treat them for their addictions, how insurance companies marginalize them and how recovery factories suck them in and spin them dry in thirty days. Would we treat a cancer patient like that? Or a diabetic? Or person with clinical depression or some other mental disorder? Of course not! Why then has our industry let the addict/alcoholic continue to suffer? We are here to break open an entirely new way of treating and helping addicts, alcoholics and their loved ones and family members, to win a ;Peace on the addict/alcoholic. The group therapy programs at 449 Recovery are extremely intense and focused working sessions between one of our trained counselors or therapists and several individuals that share a common addiction.
Our groups are expressive in nature and are specifically designed to help the recovering addict to deal with their past, social events, relationships, goals, fears, family members, and also to learn to express their feelings and to describe their most difficult challenges. We believe that there is no singular approach that is better than another. In our group therapy programs it is apparent that the individuals that make up the group seem to set a foundation as to what works and what does not work for them. Through these modalities of treatment we treat the individuals in our program according to what they respond to best rather than relying on means of force.
We have qualified substance abuse treatment counselors, therapists and doctors whose experience and exposure to this problem has enabled them to accurately assess the individual in order to design and recommend an individualized and therefore, effective alcohol treatment program. Our staff undergoes a continuing education program to ensure that they are always informed about new recovery programs and treatment solutions. By taking the time to educate our team and remain current on the events of our industry, we can ensure each of our patients the highest level of quality care.
This is one reason we offer our services at such a low rate. The best treatments in drug and alcohol recovery should be available to all people, regardless of their bank balance. Further, we have seen that our treatment program works, and want to see it employed by other facilities.

We want to offer people seeking drug and alcohol addiction recovery a different approach. There is a saying in recovery that, nothing changes if nothing changes. Our program offers a far more comprehensive regiment than other treatment centers because we know from experience that often treatment requires more than detox followed by a brief introduction to 12-Step recovery.