Rapid Detox Program

Rapid Detox Programs
The very idea of a rapid detox program is not something that is approved of by the team here at 449 Recovery. You may have heard this term from other programs that promise a quick recovery from narcotics and out of the box solutions that will promise you a quick and painless detox program. For programs like this we recommend that you run, do not walk, from any claim of this nature. Detox is a serious thing. It’s something we take very seriously here at 449 Recovery.
A rapid detox program is simply counterproductive to a successful long-term recovery. The process of going through detox is very important for any addict or alcoholic who wishes to recovery from such a hopeless state. Furthermore, the detoxification process gives the addict the opportunity to learn an important lesson. It shows them the harm that drugs and alcohol can do to their body and serves as a deterrent for future relapses. We strongly believe that anyone who has a serious desire to go through the act of recovery needs to understand what it is that has been done in the first place. In some cases, the memory of the detox has been enough, in brief instances, to give the addict or alcoholic the ability to refuse the drink or drug if it is presented—a valuable weapon in the recovery arsenal!