Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Detox Programs
Ask any addict what his or her worst fear about quitting is and almost certainly withdraw will be near the top. As anyone who has gone through it knows it is an ugly ordeal without the proper assistance to help you through it.
The good news is, our detox programs are designed to help our patients safely and comfortably manage the withdrawal associated with ending drug or alcohol addiction. Our detox program is confidential and medically managed. We use a combination of medication withdrawal safety protocols, vitamin supplements, hydration therapy and therapeutic techniques to help our patients manage drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
If you or a loved one has been a long-term user of drugs and alcohol then a detox program is probably a wise step and most likely a necessary step in the beginning stages of the recovery process. The simple fact is that your body is used to taking drugs or consuming alcohol. When you take it upon yourself to stop this abuse the body is going to go through a series of changes and your body is going to naturally reject the condition of not having the substances it has come to depend on to function properly. The body will voice this rejection though a variety of symptoms that are extremely uncomfortable and in some cases nearly intolerable without medical assistance. Many people may not be aware that extremely high blood pressure and pulse rates in addition to grand mal seizures can be common with certain types of substance withdrawal.
The substances you been using have simply been poisoning your system for such a long time that you need several days to rest and regain your health. Furthermore, some withdrawals can be so severe that most people are not able to complete the detoxification process on their own without medical help to keep them comfortable. Unfortunately, this prevents many people from getting to the point of being able to receive treatment. Our experienced medical personnel understand the necessity of detoxification treatments and regimes and know what you need to successfully detox so that you can begin treatment feeling well physically. To get well, you’ll need to go through this period of adjustment and we will be with you through the entire process.
At 449 Recovery we understand the process you are going to go through physically, emotionally and mentally. We have trained medical personnel on staff and a group of caring volunteers and counselors that are here to help you through the detoxification process.