Self-Help Rehab

Self-Help Rehab
The very idea of a self-help rehabilitation program may seem a bit foreign to some. Let us explain, here at 449 we believe in supplementing the rehabilitation process with self-help programs. We offer DVDs, books, workbooks and projects that the addict or alcoholic’s family can use in the comfort of their home. Our programs are not designed to be a one-stop shop or a recovery program. Instead, they are designed to be a supplement to an existing 12-step program and/or a treatment/recovery program. We believe that camaraderie and fellowship are a key essential to developing a lasting recovery solution for any person who is recovering from an addiction problem. Furthermore, we believe that group therapy, personal counseling and at home projects work well with developing an overall solution for recovery.

Below you will find a list of products that are available at the 449 Recovery Center. Be sure to contact our offices to acquire some of these products and learn how you can use some of these self-help supplemental programs.

449 Laymen Assessment DVD Kit
This DVD kit includes a step by step DVD and workbook for anyone to use in assessing the early stages of substance abuse or dependence. Also included is a ten panel urine screening card detailing the top ten abused drugs in our society. The DVD and workbook will also outline the most common “red-flags” or behavioral changes noticed by family, friends, co-workers and employers.
Understanding Recurring Actions DVD and workbook
This DVD and workbook is designed to be used daily, weekly, and monthly to identify how our actions contribute positively or negatively to our lives and how these positive or negative patterns can be identified and through practice, accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.
Identifying Distorted Thinking patterns DVD/ workbook
This DVD/workbook is designed to identify thought patterns that have been the beginning foundation since the development of our personality. These patterns become irrational beliefs bolstered by our peers, media, religious affiliation etc. until we feel that they cannot be changed. Using the DVD/workbook, you will be able to challenge your foundational beliefs and identify distorted thinking patterns and learn to practice new, healthy thinking patterns which are now more clearly seen. Once these are learned, they will always defeat old distorted patterns almost simply by the ability to now easily identify them and assess the past negative outcomes associated with them.
If you, a loved one or a family member is in need of a rehabilitation program to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction, or if you aren’t sure that a loved one has a drug problem and need some direction while in the comfort of your own home, please feel free to contact us to today for free information on how we can help.