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Talk to an Intervention Counselor
When working with a counselor from 449 Recovery to prepare for intervention on a family member or a friend, there are several steps that we consider to ensure a safe process. Each one of our counselors is trained in the practice of leading an intervention. Each counselor is a recovering addict and has been in the place where your family member or loved one may be now. The first step in an intervention is to meet with a counselor at 449 Recovery. This usually involves a face-to-face meeting or a series of telephone calls with the family members and the others who will participate in the intervention. The counselor will walk you through the details of the intervention and prepare you to understand what may take place during this time. Educating the family on the nature of addiction is one of the primary goals of these meetings.
Remember, the addict or alcoholic rarely takes responsibility for his or her behaviors or any of the negative things that are happening in their life. They are quick to blame the family members and lash out in any way that can help them ignore the problem and avoid responsibility or ownership of the problem. The job of the intervention counselor is to educate the family and work as a neutral third party to bridge the gap between the substance abuser, the family members, friends, and loved ones and the addiction itself. At 449 Recovery, our intervention counselors share an unwritten motto: “Prepare for the worst and achieve the best.” An intervention can sometimes require a time investment. They can be as short as a matter of moments or can last for several hours. It’s a process that can be physically and emotionally exhausting for the family members, the addict and all those involved. The job of the intervention counselor is to be the “strong tower” and the “voice of reason” in the midst of what can be a challenging day.
The goal of any intervention is to get all of the family members on the same page. The intervention involves the family members agreeing on and delivering a solution decided upon by all who are involved.

Offer the gift of a new journey in recovery to someone you love who is struggling. Call us to speak with an intervention specialist who is here to help you. Take the initiative today to end the pain caused by addiction through an intervention for a friend or a loved one. You can make the difference through this act of love and we look forward to joining with you in creating the opportunity to change a life. You can easily schedule an intervention online with one of our counselors. Simply click here and one of our counselors will contact you right away.