449 Recovery’s Programs
449 Recovery is a substance abuse treatment center that has helped thousands of men and women who suffer from addiction. Our goal is to help each of our patients to regain their lives, mend broken fences and get back to the community they serve. Our proprietary 449 plan has been designed to meet the needs of those suffering from both substance abuse and coexisting psychiatric disorders. Regardless of the gender, religious beliefs or history of a patient, we believe that everyone can be helped.
Some of our programs are designed on an outpatient basis while others might require long-term rehabilitation or an extended care program. Our programs are coed in nature but we do have components of our programs that are gender specific.
As a full-service drug and alcohol treatment facility, we offer several programs to meet the needs of all persons who need help with a substance abuse problem along with the needs of their family members, significant others and loved ones. Some of those programs are as follows:

Intensive and Structured Out-patient

Outpatient treatment is the type of program which can be very useful to anyone who has to continue working, attend school or has family responsibilities that they must maintain while receiving treatment for substance abuse problems. Typically, our outpatient program is 3-6 days a week with optional day or evening attendance. Both involve individual and group therapy, group educational sessions and family therapy.
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Long-Term Treatment

These programs beginning with participation in an in-patient or an outpatient treatment program typically last 90-days or longer. The average maximum length of a long-term treatment program is 9 months to one year and the level of care lowers as the person progresses through the program at his/her own pace. Ideal long-term treatment plans begin with detox and/or in-patient treatment and ends with sober living, participation and accountability at a job, school and/or vocational placement, active participation in community 12-step fellowship(s), after-care and/or alumni group contributions, participation and attendance and 1 year total term in treatment. Statistically this is the most likely therapeutic program to bring about a life of sobriety and improved health; our personal experience has proven this to be the case. Long-term rehab increases the chances of success for achieving long-term and lifetime sobriety because the client is walked through the portions of the recovery process that require them to step back into their prior lifestyle and guide them along that path. detoxification.
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Co-Occurring Disorders

Researchers have discovered that a large percentage of those who have substance abuse problems have at least one personality disorder or mental illness present in addition to their substance abuse problem. We believe the whole person must be treated and all disorders must be addressed and treated simultaneously with the substance abuse disorder. If a co-occurring disorder or dual-diagnosis is ignored, it is possible that one disorder could win over the other causing a relapse following treatment. By treating the co-occurring disorders through spiritual, holistic, psychological and psychiatric therapies, a complete treatment approach and intervention can be planned which will provide an integrated, collaborative approach and a highly successful result. When all issues are addressed (co-occurring disorder(s) and addiction) relapse percentages decrease.
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Case Management

Our case managers begin their relationship with you when you first enter treatment, plan your treatment including each level of care you should receive along the way, and your discharge and after-care plan. They will consider your goals, both short and long-term, your fears regarding your past, present and future, and will guide you through resolving any legal, employment and/or family problems you may need help with as a result of your addictive lifestyle. Your personal case manager will be right by your side, carrying you through your recovery process while teaching healthy boundaries and creating a firm foundation for you to work from that will allow you to achieve a life of self-sufficient and self-supporting attributes as an individual with the ability to be accountable and approach your life with confidence in your own abilities by the conclusion of your treatment. They also provide crisis intervention and outreach. They are an invaluable resource with your best interests at heart for a lifetime of individual and self-supporting success.
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Affordable Intervention

A tool that allows the family and/or loved ones of a person struggling with addiction or substance abuse to express their feelings to the addict/alcoholic before it is too late. Through the assistance and guidance of a professional interventionist, family and loved ones of the alcoholic or addict are afforded the opportunity to raise the bottom for the addicted person, by helping them realize, accept and make the decision that they need help.
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Individualized Treatment based on Assessment

The individual is assessed and the appropriate treatment is planned and incorporated into the basic, foundational 449 treatment plan of recovery. Specific group therapies and individual therapies are utilized in addition to family therapies. Psychiatric intervention and medication management may be utilized when co-occurring disorders are present and therapeutic interventions will be collaborated among the treating therapists.
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Group Therapy

Psychodramas, family sculpting, group processes, communication exercises, educational didactic lectures, 12-step book studies and recovery methods, denial management, relapse prevention, recurring behaviors, distorted thinking patterns, etc…. are utilized in a group psycho-educational group setting. A powerful venue for growth and change. Groups are facilitated by well-trained group counselors or therapists. Our staff will help break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection and empathy in their relationships.
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Therapists on Staff

Medical professionals are retained on staff in order to be accessible 24-hours a day for our clients’ medical needs with regard to health, detoxification and psychiatric medications.
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Individualized Treatment based on Assessment

Doctors on Staff Medical professionals are retained on staff in order to be accessible 24-hours a day for our clients’ medical needs with regard to health, detoxification and psychiatric medications.
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Court/DUI School Referral Network

Applicant facility is approved and placed on a list of court approved and probation approved facilities for drug and alcohol offenders to be referred to when ordered by the legal system. Often, DUI offenders are required to attend mandated classes but are not able to maintain sobriety without rehabilitation. In such cases, they are often referred to in or outpatient rehabilitation.

Alumni Support Network

Our former clients are given the ability to contribute their recovery experiences through the opportunity to give back by helping our new clients and their fellow alumnus through our alumni support care program. This helps them to stay connected and stay sober. They are provided an opportunity to return to the treatment facility and organize and facilitate activities where existing clients who are currently attending the treatment program are able to attend and establish their place within the fellowship of support. The therapists and staff at the facility are able to back out once the treatment is completed and the clients and alumni are given the opportunity to practice what they have learned in treatment and become self-sufficient in their recoveries while always having the support of the treatment staff when they are in a time of need.

Insurance Accepted

Most in and out of network policies are accepted when the benefit exists.

House Calls

when a client is not able to be physically transported to the facility to be admitted to treatment, a staff member may be sent to escort the intoxicated individual for admission. Also used in the case of an intervention and at times when the staff feels it would be beneficial to the individual success in sobriety.
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Virtual Accessibility/Counseling

Video availability for counseling when an individual is offsite or out of the area and does not have the means to attend treatment. May be utilized for assessment and placement purposes as well in addition to a first step or intervention leading to a decision to attend the rehabilitation program.


Recovery materials and literature are provided onsite or online for purchase. Workbook materials may be purchased for participation in online counseling or inpatient/outpatient group and individual therapy. Supportive materials are also in stock for enhancing the recovery experience both during and after treatment. 12-step and sobriety milestone items available in addition to items that enhance the Christian tract.

Family Support

Family group therapy provided with basic inpatient and outpatient treatment where family relationships are mended by addressing the underlying pathology and breakdowns in the family relationships. Topics are addressed that deal with relationship issues such as hurts and resentments, forgiveness’s and loves and appreciations. Exposure to Al-Anon Groups and Families Anonymous supportive programs for family recovery is provided and the benefits of family and significant other participation in these fellowships is discussed and encouraged. Opportunities for co-dependency and other self-improvement educational groups are offered and participation is encouraged. The benefits provide for family members and loved ones of addicted individuals, through these events, to give back while helping themselves at the same time, is much like that of the individual in recovery. Additional, these therapeutic measures and educational sessions prove to help to heal all of those closest to the addict or alcoholic in treatment.
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Alumni Family Support

Continued group supportive network for family members and loved ones of addicted individuals after treatment is complete. Very much the same as Alumni Support Network for treatment alumni for families and loved ones.

Portable Device Apps

Recovery application for mobile devices that will provide the user with instant links and access to recovery tools, referrals and resources.


As it relates to detoxification and as an integral piece of the recovery process. Vitamin supplements necessary in appropriate detoxification methods will be provided along with meals that are recommended by Dr. Phillip Goglia, Nutritionist to the stars.


Ability for the treatment center to provide payment plans or to provide loans for its client’s treatment rather than referring to an outside lending source. Call for availability.

Financing Referrals

Referral to lending sources for substance abuse/medically related loans or regular credit accounts which can be used to pay for treatment.


449 will receive scholarship funding from its non-profit foundation to cover the expenses incurred to treat an individual who cannot afford treatment but has the willingness and desire to become sober and remain active in a sober lifestyle. Most treatment programs say they scholarship, however, they are simply taking on the costs to treat the individual and/or asking the therapists and/or doctors involved in the treatment process to work for free. Typically, there is no actual monetary scholarship provided to the treatment center for the scholarship individual. 449 plans to utilize its non-profit entity to help to provide treatment to individuals who are not able to pay for treatment but meet certain criteria mostly with regard to their sincere willingness to be sober by actually providing the monetary scholarship to cover the costs of the individual’s treatment.

Adolescent Treatment Programs

Treatment is provided to adolescents of approximately the ages of 12 – 17 years old.


Residential, medically supervised detoxification provided under an attending physician’s care according to established protocol and 24-hour inpatient care is provided until the doctor has pronounced the patient as medically clear.
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Brain Scanning

In partnership with the Amen Clinics as it relates to assisting the medication and treatment therapies associated with psychiatric care and co-occurring disorders.

Christian Tract

Designed to reach people from all walks of life and help them to get in touch with a Power greater than themselves which is the essential part of any 12-step program. We help clients develop spiritual principles that they typically already have such as faith, hope and courage by use of tools such as bible study groups, faith building exercises, and examining pre-existing biases toward spiritual principles based on their upbringing, tools and practices for renewing their mind using biblical principles, and helping them develop a relationship with a Higher Power of their own understanding which is a foundational part of a well-rounded recovery.
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Relapse Prevention

Identifies triggers, warning signs, past behaviors and sets up alternatives to each of these negative patterns often identified in individuals with substance abuse and dependence problems. Once relapse triggers are identified, clients will identify all behaviors, thoughts and actions which lead to a relapse in a step by step format or map. Then clients will map out a similar relapse situation where they will learn and apply tools that will prevent a relapse before it starts. Relapse prevention teaches mapping, decision points, relapse intervention plans and thought redirection. Clients will learn alternatives to cope with the behaviors, thoughts, emotions and actions in a healthy, safe environment without the use of drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism.
As a full-service drug and alcohol recovery center, 449 Recovery is here to help people who need help. We are recovering addicts and alcoholics serving recovering addicts and alcoholics. Take a moment to review our philosophy towards recovery by reviewing the 449 plan. It is designed to make sure no stone is left unturned so that all aspects of the addict or alcoholic’s life are covered sending them on the road to recovery. If you or a loved one is in need of therapy for assistance in overcoming an addiction, please take a moment to contact us for free consultation so that we can help you begin a plan that works for you.