Affordable Interventions

Affordable Interventions
Realizing that there is a problem and wanting to take action about the problem are two different things. First and foremost you should be applauded for taking the time to realize that you have a friend or a loved one who has a problem. Most addicts will never admit that they do have a problem and will spend me waking hours trying to convince people that the problem is not them but it is something else. Usually when it comes to deciding whether or not you’re going to do an intervention it’s because the friend or loved one has gotten to the last resort. If you are in this place and have a friend or loved one in mind that has an addiction to drugs or alcohol then the first step may indeed be an intervention.
If you ask any recovering alcoholic or drug addict they will tell you that the most loving thing that a family member or friend can do is to help them to understand the truth about their addiction and how it is affecting the family as well as themselves. It’s not easy to do but with the counselors at 449 Recovery you can rest assured that you will have a trained professional there to help you through each and every point in the process.
Interventions use the power of love and concern to break the addicts sense of denial and get him or her into a drug or alcohol rehabilitation facility. Concern and love is the simple bottom line to why an intervention works. We do not consider an intervention and emotional ambush or a tearing apart of ones self-esteem. We see an intervention as a lifesaver. Most professional interventionist will convince at least 85% of the addicts that they see to enter into some kind of a treatment facility.
Here at 449 Recovery we believe strongly in the power of the intervention. If somebody loves another person enough to do an intervention, then this individual is certainly love among kings.

Contact us today to set up an intervention for a friend or a loved one. You can easily schedule an intervention on line with one of our counselors. Simply click here and one of our counselors will contact you right away.