Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse
Alcoholism is as old as alcohol itself. Until recent times, though, there were generally only three futures available to those suffering from this disease: institutions (such as mental wards or jails), death, or suffering through each day until they find themselves at one or the other for the rest of their miserable, and often short, lives.

Are 12 step programs the most effective treatment for alcohol addiction?

We have seen what traditional 12-Step programs have to offer, both professionally and in our own lives. For this reason, 12-Step recovery has a major influence on our treatment model. However, we know that other approaches have a lot to offer as well. We do not stop at the 12-Step model, but combine it with other treatment options and regimens to provide the alcoholic with their best chances of long-term sobriety.

Can Alcoholism be cured?

Some treatment centers claim to “cure alcoholism and addiction.” At best, this is wishful thinking; at its worst, it is a flat-out lie. There is no cure for alcoholism or addiction. It is as simple as that. The addict or alcoholic will always be an addict or alcoholic–simply removing the drug or the drink does not cure the disease. It will simply manifest itself in other areas of the person’s life. We have seen it happen innumerable times before, and more often than not, those people come to us with yet more proof that a real, comprehensive model for recovery is the only real hope of living a full and happy life as a sober alcoholic

Are there are non tradtional alternative approaches to alcohol addiction?

To say that tai-chi or acupuncture are sufficient for alcohol addiction treatment is just not realistic for being the sole determining factors in someone’s long-term recovery. It would be great if the solution was that simple, but unfortunately, that is not the case. Sure, an addict or alcoholic may get benefits from those activities that influence their daily lives, but they are not substitutes for an actual recovery program. We offer holistic methods at 449 Recovery for the very fact that many people do find such methods beneficial, but to neglect providing a real, fundamental solution first and foremost–one that incorporates solutions for the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the disease on a short-term and long-term basis–is missing the point entirely. Read more about alcohol addiction and alcohol detox programs.

Are there any shorts cuts to treat alcoholism and alcohol addiction?

Truly, we wish there was a simple solution to alcohol addiction treatment. But, wishing does not make something real. At 449 Recovery, we have developed a treatment program that is designed to give alcoholics the most comprehensive set of tools available to begin a sober life that can last a lifetime. Nothing can be guaranteed when working with this disease, but we do provide a program that offers the person their absolute best chances for success.

I have heard about outpaient procedures and other alternatives like Rapid Detox…do they work?

We always feel that in most cases drug and alcohol addiction is simply the symptom of a much deeper problem. Without revealing and working for healthy, positive solutions to that problem one can never truly start the path towards recovery. Rapid Detox is a medical procedure we are absolutely against. For more information about our position on Rapid Detox click here and read our blog item located here.

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